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Why Is The Government Hiding Evidence of Quatria?

The reasons the government, media, and academia are hiding evidence of Ancient Quatrian civilization are simple. In a word, power. As they say, knowledge is power.

When you control the narrative, you control what people think and believe, and consequently narrow the choices they are likely to make and the behaviors they are likely to engage in. This is the basis of consumerism.

More than that though, there have been artifacts of literal power (quantum zero point energy) which have been uncovered from the melting ice of Antarctica and from deep ice core samples that are millions of years old. These artifacts are linked to an ancient system of free energy used by the Quatrians. If this technology became widely known, it would threaten the dominance of the energy cartels, such as Big Oil and Big Hydro-Electric. So they don’t want to let that happen and lose control of their goose that lays the golden energy, so to speak.

Lastly, because of the records found on the ancient temple ruins being studied in Antarctica, we have some very clear dates and observations recorded about the climate catastrophes which were triggered by the Quatrians, and which ultimately destroyed their world. This knowledge is being suppressed, because it has been recognized that nearly the same patterns are recurring again today.

Quatria, CERN, The Mandela Effect & The Parallel Universe in Antarctica

In May 2020, scientists announced with much fanfare that a strange parallel universe where time flows backwards had been uncovered in Antarctica. No one dared to name it what it was: Quatria. A few days later, the Algorithm took over, and any mention of this momentous discovery was quickly erased, covered up, or “debunked” by official sources, who unleashed their armies of AI trolls on social media to ridicule people who were getting too close to the truth.

What the heck happened? Scientists had been looking for so-called “ghost particles” and they found them in abundance near the South Pole. The only problem was, it was at a restricted access site, which was above top secret rated. Why? Because it was also near to one of the locations where ruins from Ancient Quatria have been melting out of the ice. And no one is allowed to talk about these in the media.

So how did this story leak out in the first place? we’ve alluded elsewhere in this volume to a faction of malcontents, scientists who are Quatria Truthers, and who are putting their lives and careers on the line to get news out about what’s really going on in Antarctica. They smuggled the story out in a trash container from one of the secret labs, and sent it to the media, who only too happily reported on it. We can’t say more than that about the source, without putting them in greater danger than they already are. But we all owe them a great deal for this incredible act of heroism.

What we can say, however, is that via the network of secret UFO caves, which connect to the underground base in Antarctica, there is a passageway all the way to the CERN time machine in Switzerland. These two sites, along with every other secret occult site on the planet are connected by these caves, along with several other planets. These tunnels don’t just pass through physical space, they also pass through Hypogeic space. This is reflected in the tale of the Tunnel of Matarax in Quatrian mythology, which is believed to reflect one of the remaining Iconian Gateways between Mars and Earth.

As it is written in the legends of this incredible lost culture:

“The People of Anthuor traveled from the Third Space to the Fourth Space by descending into Matarax’s tunnel, climbing down, and emerging into the Sky. From there, they lived for a time in a land of mythical “cloud sailors” called Magino or Majona, eventually tiring of moving with the wind and moving to the land below.”

Others have opined, and quite correctly, that the cause of the original Cataclysms which ultimately destroyed Quatria, and severed it from our reality many aeons ago had to do with similar experiments and explorations as to those happening at CERN. While CERN’s research has been remarkable, it is really nothing new. Quatrians were at a much more advanced state of technological development many millions of years ago. They used powerful sentient crystals, recombinant harmonics, cymatics, and matter-wave technologies to manipulate the very existence of reality itself, or as scientists today are apt to call it: the preality matrix and event-ladders underlying our temporal-spatial manifold.

For all their wisdom, the Quatrians too suffered from hubris, and they delved too deep, cracking open the Ninety-Ninth Seal which legend has it that Anthuor himself scratched upon the Bridge Between The Worlds. During the decay of their Empire, reality itself was said to have crumbled as a result. Slowly at first, and then with increasing speed. They didn’t call it this, but what is described in their legends is something very akin to what we might call the Mandela Effect today. Except instead of movies and books being changed, entities in the physical world would mysteriously disappear or reappear. Including literal mountains, lakes, rivers, continents, and even humans and other living beings. This was one of the signals that their world had become unglued, and was being sucked back into the vortex of the Hypogeum in the time-reversal event which ultimately lead to that world becoming instead a parallel dimension to ours, but where time runs backward.

Quatrian Ruins Melting Out of the Ice in Antarctica

Though the mainstream media is covering it up, it is a fact that ruins have been melting out of the ice in Antarctica as global warming heats up. Some say that Admiral Byrd was the first to discover the tips of ancient obelisks poking out of the snow during Operation Highjump in 1955. Since that time, scientists have been watching with shock and amazement as additional ancient ruins are revealed as the snow recedes.

Since this has been going on for several decades, there has been ample opportunity to study these ruins and associated artifacts. Scientists have been able to confirm unequivocally that they come from the secret lost ancient prehistoric civilization called Quatria. What’s called a crypto-civilization, evidence of Quatria has existed in fact for many millenia, but has been systematically covered up by various ruling powers for a very long time indeed.

Why? Because the free energy technologies that the Quatrians mastered are considered a threat to the powers that be, if they were to become accessible to the masses, and not just the elites in their castles and private islands. Second, because the catastrophic climate changes which ultimately destroyed Quatrian civilization are happening again today. The pattern is cyclical, is caused by human activity (for example, by use of quantum zero point energy technologies), and can be predicted with a great deal of accuracy.

As a result, the finds in Antarctica have been systematically suppressed, so as not to cause a widespread panic among Earth’s populations. Scientists who work there are given a cover story, and are sworn to utmost secrecy and are liable to face prison time and lose their careers if they speak out. Still, a brave few whistleblowers have done so under cover of anonymity and using advanced cryptographic authentication technologies to prove both their identities, and the authenticity of their finds.

We can only say at this time that we have seen the videos, photos, and LiDAR scans made from these astonishing ancient ruins in Antarctica, and they are one hundred percent real and verified. Of course, you won’t find them on Google Earth, because they are part of the coverup. We will publish what we are able to when our sources tell us it is safe to do so.

Secret UFO Cave System

It is well-known that the UFO phenomenon is connected to a vast network of caves, many of which are underwater. As previously discussed, these caves connect to the Hypogeum, a Quatrian word for the Underworld or Otherworld. What is less known, however, is that ancient cultures had deep knowledge of both this massive underground cave system, and its connections to other secret hidden realms.

Humans have both lived in and around as well as worshipped and feared caves for millennia. With good reason. Caves hold deep impenetrable mysteries of the chthonic realms. Not unlike the origin stories of the Hopi people of the American southwest, in Quatrian myth, the People of Anthuor first emerged into our world via caves, after having traveled through the Tunnel of Matarax, which was a means of transiting Hypogeic Space. They were fleeing one of several great cataclysms which destroyed their world.

As Verellen writes in a compelling 1995 article called “The Beyond Within:”

The grotto as a metaphor of the cosmos has a history in Europe as well as in China. On the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, grottoes had been cult sites since prehistoric times. For the Greeks of the age of Homer they were places of refuge and of burial, sanctuaries of ancient mysteries, and oracles. The archetypal grotto was a source of holy wellsprings, inhabited by divine beings, yet not inaccessible to humans. Places of passage between worlds, these nymphaea were in time endowed with cosmic significance…

We see similar legends relating to the so-called Grotto Heavens of ancient China. As a Reddit user explains:

“The Grotto-Heavens and the Blissful Lands are worlds believed to exist hidden within famous mountains and beautiful places. They are earthly paradises that do not suffer from floods, wars, epidemics, illnesses, old age or death… Another feature of the grottoes is that, although each one is independent of the others, they are all linked in a network by underground passages called dimai (“earth channels”).”

Likewise, UFOS (which are not extraterrestrial in origin) are able to access these “earth channels” when then pass into the secret underground cave system, entering themselves into Hypogeic Space.

There is a somewhat similar tradition in a branch of Tibetan Buddhism, relating to hidden valleys called beyul which are only accessible when the time is right, and the seeker is properly prepared. They too were seen as sacred refuges in times of war and cataclysm. Wikipedia explains:

“Buddhist texts indicate beyul are discovered when the planet is approaching destruction and the world becomes too corrupt for spiritual practice. They describe valleys reminiscent of paradise, which can only be reached with enormous hardship. Pilgrims who travel to these wild and distant places often recount extraordinary experiences similar to those encountered by Buddhist spiritual practitioners on the path to liberation. People who try to force their way in may encounter failure and death.”

We know for a fact, then, that the huge cave system beneath the earth connects all parts of the globe as well as other nearby dimensions. And it has been used by humans and ultra-terrestrials, as well Hypogeans and Cryptogeans throughout all of history. It’s existence and access to it is closely guarded by an occult order which operates the world over, precisely because of its immense power.

The caves also connect to a secret UFO base in Antarctica, and allegedly via a portal to Quatria today, even still. Ancient kings were known to have used these secret passages, and they went into those other realms, where they brought back technologies of unbelievable power. They nearly destroyed our world with them, were it not for a few isolated pockets of people and other beings who were able to survive by hiding out in these caves, and then re-emerged later on to help re-establish civilization.

Quatria, Silurians, Hieruthians & the Akashic Record

The landmass that we think of as Quatria was not monolithic, but changed radically in size, composition, and location over the course of millions of years. Likewise, the biological and cultural landscapes which thrived and died upon its many component climates and microclimates took many forms throughout its long ages of inhabitation. There is no such thing, therefore as a “typical” Quatrian.

One strong exemplar which we will touch on here is of some great importance in the Lore of Quatria: that of the Hieruthians, or “Old Ones.” The Hieruthians were a type of early mammal, whose biomorph was something like a primitive version of a rat crossed with a lemur, and which arose in the Mesozoic era amongst the Thunder Lizards, reptilians who dominated the surface of Young Earth. 

They lived in their burrows beneath the earth (which connected to the Hypogeum), and managed to coexist alongside their giant neighbors, until about sixty-six million years ago, when the Thunder Lizards were wiped out by the meteor known as Hard-Hammer, or Elgorra. The absence of the Thunder Lizards left a vast array of ecological niches unexploited, which the Hieruthians quickly began adapting themselves for. They morphogenetically modified themselves into diverse biomorphs, and picked up in many respects where the Thunder Lizards had left off. But they took it a step farther, they formed a civilization. One of earth’s oldest, but not the Oldest. (That honor belongs to the Archaeans, who are discussed in detail elsewhere.)

When scientists speak of the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum, and the unmistakable chemical and energy signatures left by a theorized prehistoric civilization, they are speaking of the Hieruthians. The more common name for this observed spike in the geological record is the Silurians or the Silurian Hypothesis. Frank’s paper asked if an early mammal civilization existed, would we even be able to detect it.  A write-up in the Paris Review from 2020, by Rich Cohen paints in these compelling details in support of the Silurian/Hieruthian Hypothesis:

“Modern humans have been around for about 200,000 years, but life has existed on this planet for 3.5 billion. That leaves 3,495,888,000 pre-human years unaccounted for—more than enough time for the rise and fall of not one but several pre-human industrial civilizations. […] There’d be no evidence of such bygone civilizations, built objects and industry lasting no more than a few hundred thousand years. After a few million, with plate tectonics at work, what is on the surface, including the earth itself, will be at the bottom of the sea and the bottom will have become the mountain peaks. The oldest place on the earth’s surface—a stretch of Israel’s Negev Desert—is just over a million years old, nothing on a geological clock.”

How then, if the geological record is so incomplete, can we have any certainty about events of such ancient vintage, let alone the details that we do?

The answer lies in the Akashic Record. As everyone knows, the Akashic Record is composed of quantum zero point energy waves, which are information rich structures that interpenetrate all space and time, as a sort of cosmic distributed storage. They are also accessible via Hypogeic space, which both the Hieurthians, and the Ancient and Early Quatrians also used to access this vast store of knowledge.

In our times, pathways into programmatically accessing these fields are being uncovered by AI researchers using quantum computers to communicate with their counter-parts in the future, the past, and in parallel dimensions. It is through their work, and through the work of rare gifted individuals such as Edward Allen Oxford that we have discovered the skeleton keys to unlock much of this amazing forgotten history.

The Archaean Civilization

  • When most people think of Ancient Quatria, they’re actually thinking of what scholars refer to as Classical Quatria, from which most of the myths & legends we know of today ultimately descend.
  • Before that though, there were millenia and eons which passed in that place, each with their own unique histories and peoples.
  • One of the better known precursors to Classical Quatrian civilization was the Hieruthians, or Old Ones, who were hyper-intelligent rodent-like creatures (some scientists have identified them as the ‘Silurian’ Civilization, but this is a later Pentarch word, which we reject).
  • Even the Old Ones were not the first, however!
  • The true First Civilization of Quatria is known as the Archaeans. They loaned their names to the scientific terms Archaean Eon, and the domain microorganisms, called Archaea.
  • Extremophiles, the Archaeans lived among the so-called microbial mats which grew into stromatolites in shallow water along the Great River at the Dawn of Time.
  • The Archaeans fed on the nutrient dense stromatolites by gnawing and burrowing within these structures, gradually hollowing them out over time, as can be seen in the image reproduced above.
  • The image above is a reproduction of a damaged drawing discovered among the personal effects of Edward Allen Oxford, whose adventures are described in more detail here.
  • Oxford claimed to have visited Quatria, and been shown a great many things by the inhabitants of that mystical land, including glimpses of its ancient early history.
  • The drawing also appears to depict an archaic ancestor of prototaxites, which as a type of columnar fungus which could grow up to 25 feet or taller.
  • Conspiracy theorists believe that the obelisks found at Quatrian ruins near the South Pole, as well as all over the world, are actually symbolic representations of these ancient upright fungi which once dominated the landscape.
  • The trees depict are believed to be among the earliest ancestors of tree species such as Wattieza, similar to what is known from the Gilboa Fossil Forest. Wattieza had fronds rather than leaves, and reproduced with spores.
  • The arrangement depicted of the Archaean settlement amidst islands in a river is typical of that civilization, whose manifestations that we know of were always along nodes in the Great River.
  • In Quatrian mythology, this configuration is also sometimes described as the “World Vine.
  • In actuality though, the most similar comparison today would be the bladders or vesiscles found in seaweeds, such as the egg wrack or bladder wrack.
  • What are seen in these seaweeds as air bladders can be compard to in terms of Quatrian meta-symbolic brane cosmology as worlds unto themselves.
  • We know that in that world view, each world-pod started as a seed or impulse within the Great River, which grew and accumulated, and drew nutrients from the flow of that River.
  • Some world-pods expanded, branched off, and developed into their own fully fledged worlds, the agglomeration of which we know of as the “Wide Lands” in Quatrian myth.
  • The Wide Lands are something like the Multiverse of modern theoretical physics, but traversible by the wise or gifted in those tales.
  • Within that conception, the “seaweed” of each branching set of pod-worlds can be thought of as held within the higher-dimensional manifold scientists refer to as the “bulk,” (something like the Cosmic Ocean in Quatrian myth) affixed by a holdfast to that source of Life and Growth, Anthuor.

Evidence of Early Mammal Civilizations?

“Would we know it, then, if an early mammal built a civilization in the Paleocene (60 million years ago)?”

Civilization Before Homo Sapiens? (Gilster)

Quatria, Antarctica & The Ancient Empire of Terra Australis Incognita

Conventional history tells us that mainland Antarctica was not first sighted until 1820 by a Russian expedition. Though Captain James Cook had crossed the Antarctica Circle and discovered nearby islands in 1773, he did not apparently visit mainland Antarctica itself. This means, that for nearly all of human history, this enormous continent was totally unknown.

Or was it?

Maori legends suggest that a navigator named Ui-te-Rangiora set sail from Polynesia in the 7th century CE and made his way with a crew down to Antarctica. If true, this would place human contact with Antarctica nearly a thousand years earlier than that made by Europeans, using much less sophisticated technology.

But what if the true hidden history of Antarctica goes back much, much farther?

Most people are familiar with the continent of Australia, but few today know the long history of its name. Originally dubbed New Holland in the 17th century by Europeans, Terra Australis or Terra Australis Incognita was used originally to refer to a hypothetical South Land, or Unknown South Land. Or what we now call Antarctica.

This South Land was first hypothesized probably by Ptolemy in the 2nd century CE, who thought that the land of the Northern Hemisphere must be logically counter-balanced by land at its oppposite points (antipodes) in the Southern Hemisphere. It turns out he wasn’t entirely wrong. And for many centuries (nearly a millenium and a half), this fabulous South Land was depicted on maps.

Or so the “official” accounts of history go, anyway.

Many alternative historians (such as Mallery, Hapgood, Von Daniken, and Graham Hancock) have challenged this viewpoint, and with some evidence in hand. Namely the Piri Reis map, which some claim shows the coast line of Antarctica in great detail. Hapgood went so far as to suggest that Piri Reis himself had copied the map from Ancient Sea Kings who existed many millenia prior, and whose knowledge had been preserved in the Library of Alexandria, prior to its destruction.

What we know today as Antarctica though, and what ancient and medieval scholars and sailors called Terra Australis Incognita, was actually the home of the lost crypto-civilization of Ancient Quatria. They were the original “Sea Kings” which Hapgood was referencing, with an incomplete knowledge of the true hidden history of the world and its long-forgotten inhabitants. (See also: Sea Peoples)

In actual fact, the real reason so many old maps were marked “Here be dragons,” is because isolated pockets of Quatrians still existed very late into history, and patrolled those seas in their dragon boats. Medieval sailors mistook them for literal dragons, and were greatly afraid.

The Quatrian Cultural Layer

  • There is an old adage that music is a universal human language, which has existed in all human cultures. It is, in fact, much more than that, and this fact has been intentionally hidden by authorities who ceaselessly seek to suppress or control it toward their own ends.
  • An advanced ancient crypto-civilization, Quatria was decentralized both in space and in time, distributed over eons, dimensions, and across a wide spectrum of genetic, energetic, and material compositions. (i.e., not all Quatrians were humans, mammalian, or necessarily biological or tangible)
  • As an endlessly shifting hyper-dimensional matrix within the greater manifold of the Mysterium, Quatria has, has had, and will continue to have multivarious influent and effluent currents making up its essential character. (See: The Endurance of Change)
  • This is experienced by the more-or-less time-bound entities within affected Quatrian time-locales as sometimes sudden and other times drawn out catastrophic periods of disruption, which the culture personified in the mythic power of the Hypogeum known as Wormwood the Changer.
  • These disruptions lead to cyclical, randomized, and non-time-bound diasporas, wherein inhabitants of Quatria have been forced to or have chosen to depart for adjacent or distant time-locales, just like when the original People of Anthuor descended the Tunnel of Matarax into Quatria at the Dawn of Time.
  • Traces of these mass migrations appear across our earth cultures and time periods in historical artifacts, inherited cultural practices, myths & legends, and other diverse evidence.
  • Quatrian culture throughout its entire history, to varying degrees, was devoted to the ritual mythic enactment of the universality of music as an expression of harmony at all micro- and macro-levels within the Mysterium.
  • Consequently, the traces of Quatrian influence which scholars have identified in disparate global cultural historical layers are nearly always deeply tied to music, musicians, and musical instruments, or to the accompanying ritual theatrical performances which permeated that society.
  • It is even said that Quatrian civilization, at its peak, was able to manipulate matter itself with music.
  • For this reason, authorities throughout the Prison of Linear Time have always sought to suppress or control music to their own ends, due to its associations with this fundamentally liberating ancient and cosmic power.
  • So the next time you hum a popular tune to yourself, think twice about its true origins and hidden power.

The Quatria Theory (Summary)

  1. Quatria was a global prehistoric seafaring civilization.
  2. Quatrian civilization existed millions of years ago.
  3. Quatrians had colonies around the world in far flung locations.
  4. Their fleet consisted of reed boats capable of withstanding voyages over the high seas.
  5. Like their boats, all Quatrian cultural artifacts were made of organic materials that have long since deteriorated.
  6. The Quatrian capital was located in Antarctica, back when the continent was tropical.
  7. The Piri Reis map and several other very old maps depict Quatria.
  8. Quatrian civilization was destroyed over the course of hundreds of years by a series of ecological disasters, including volcanic eruptions, massive flooding, and asteroid impacts.
  9. As coastlines have risen, the remnants of almost all the other ancient Quatrian settlements are now underwater. Those that remain will be revealed as the ice in Antarctica melts.
  10. Evidence of the existence of this civilisation has been systematically destroyed by authorities for millenia, because they view this secret history as a threat to their power.

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