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Ulster Cycle (Irish myth, societal depictions)

“Unlike the majority of early Irish historical tradition, which presents ancient Ireland as largely united under a succession of High Kings, the stories of the Ulster Cycle depict a country with no effective central authority, divided into local and provincial kingdoms often at war with each other. The civilisation depicted is a pagan, pastoral one ruled by a warrior aristocracy. Bonds between aristocratic families are cemented by fosterage of each other’s children. Wealth is reckoned in cattle. Warfare mainly takes the form of cattle raids, or single combats between champions at fords. The characters’ actions are sometimes restricted by religious taboos known as geasa.”


Some Technology-Based Data From Viewers of a YouTube Conspiracy Channel

Our source continues to provide us with some interesting data… This time about the technological patterns of viewers to a conspiracy channel on YouTube.

Interesting stuff!

Example YouTube Conspiracy Channel Data, Traffic Source

As you can see, a large percentage of it is served up natively by YouTube across its many product surfaces. According to my read of this data, only about possibly 25-26% of this example traffic source data is potentially originating externally from YouTube itself (including direct/unknown). Pretty wild…

Age & Gender of YouTube Conspiracy Channel Audience, Example Data

Some Mars Videos

I think I actually heard this one before, that Elon Musk’s real name is actually Brian. He does look more like a Brian, if you think about it!

And these two videos about Mars about both pretty interesting, even if they’re kind of contradictory. I guess in a multiverse of infinite parallel dimensions, it’s entirely possible that they could both be true!

I think I probably buy the second one more (below), because it doesn’t require sophisticated AI simulation technology. It just requires some means for Ancient Martians/Quartians to have hopped from the Fourth Planet to the Fifth Planet, after they screwed that one up. Despite Ancient Astronaut theory, and their otherwise very sophisticated technology, I had always heard that the Quatrians had never invented space travel. So it does make rather more sense they made use of a portal of some kind…

The Mysterious Civilization of Quatria

This is interesting. I hadn’t realized that Graham Hancock is one of the first writers to have written extensively about Ancient Quatria. I’m surprised this isn’t more widely known?

Aventure: Literary Definition

Found this French tale type definition in an essay by Swank about the use of the classical Irish Immram form in C.S. Lewis’ “Voyage of the Dawn Treader.”

“Another tale-type Flieger analyzes is the aventure, a French term referring to “adventures” or “dangerous escapades” in a magical otherworld, “exciting for their own sake, ending in peace and prosperity” […] In aventures, there is a goal, of sorts, but the narrative focus is on the protagonist’s episodic adventures and, particularly in narratives featuring young protagonists, the lessons learned from each episode. As Flieger writes, both the quest and aventure “follow the traditional romance trajectory—a hero’s journey and return,” but the quest is more focused upon the goal, while the aventure is more focused upon the escapades.”

While we’re on the topic, I highly recommend this essay about C.S. Lewis as an Irish writer. He’s usually credited as British, but was born in and retained strong ties to Ireland his whole life.

The Brendan Voyage (Tim Severin)

Found this cool documentary about Tim Severin’s epic sailing voyage to try to recreate the Voyage of St. Brendan, an old Irish legend told as an Immram, which some say described the saint’s actual voyage to North America by sea in a leather-hide boat. The many voyages of Tim Severin to re-create legendary voyages are an amazing thing all in themselves..

New Mandela Effects in 2021

A lot of people are asking if there are any new Mandela Effects happening in 2021. These are two really interesting ones I’ve found related to the Mandalorian & to Antarctica. Seems like the Quantum Conspiracy must really be heating up!

Narrative Envelopes

Structurally, The Voyage of Bran is a combination of poetry and prose, with many short stanzas punctuated by longer, prose narration. These prose narrations are known as Narrative Envelopes.

The Voyage of Bran – Wikipedia

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