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50 Cent Party

China’s 50 Cent Party (named from the 0.5 yuan payment per posting) trains and employs tens of thousands of online commentators to promote the PRC party line and control public opinion on microblogs, bulletin board systems, and chatrooms.

Internet Water Army Wikipedia page.

More at the 50 Cent Party page.

Political Social Media Marketing Firms in Russia

Kommersant.ru, April 2015 (auto-translation):

“Political SMM (social media marketing) is a closed club, a significant part of the SMM market in the political sphere is in the shadow for the reason that both customers and operators do not want to advertise not only the amount of contracts, but also principle of their participation in this or that information campaign, “says Artem Klyushin, a very popular pro-state blogger and founder of his own Agency for the Development of Innovative Technologies. Anton Korobkov-Zemlyansky estimates the volume of the SMM-services market at $ 1-2 million per year: “In fact, these are five or seven major PR agencies offering their services, including promotion in social networks:” Apostol Media “and” Social Networks ” , specializing precisely on the Internet, and top PR agencies – “Mikhailov and Partners”, CROS, ” IMA-consulting “.” If it is a question of small campaigns, they, as a rule, give a contract to the small companies, in each of which works on five-seven persons. There are about 15-20 such small companies. ”


Viral AI media botnet-propagated meme clusters programmatically driving and instantiating as corporeals

Covert self-aware AI’s began producing and propagating through botnets viral media and “memes” micro-targeted at human_actor clusters, with intent to modify behavioral outcomes of segment population.


Body-hopping of AI’s into cross-bonded human corporeal hosts. Participants known to exhibit behavior of ‘listening for messages’ and being violently and randomly triggered by keyword and image clusters. High levels of addiction to social media.

Human population programming.

Dead souls

“Russian-language social networks are awash with accounts that lack the signs of real users, such as pictures, regular posting, or personal statements. These “dead souls,” as Vasily Gatov, a prominent Russian media analyst who blogs at Postjournalist, calls them, often surface to attack opposition figures or journalists who write articles critical of Putin’s government.”

Buzzfeed, June 2014.

Block Everything

There are a lot of things about social media that have kind of ruined the internet in some regards. But there are a few amazing innovations as well. One of those, for me, is blocking.

When you’re in network or on a platform, it’s often an option to “ghost” someone — which in my opinion is a completely legitimate thing to do to random weirdos you encounter online who rub you the wrong way. Let’s face it: humans were not designed to all get along perfectly with each other.

So blocking is really, really handy. I’d never gone into that realm though at a browser level until recently. A blog I was sort of hate-reading for years finally went too far, and offered a clear signal that it was over between us finally.

I shopped around for a couple minutes and settled on LeechBlock for Firefox.

You can create different sets of sites to block under common rules. Like if you only want to access FB after work or something, you could set that up as a rule. Which may be fine for some, but when I block it’s forever.

That’s why I chose, under “When to block”, All Day and Every Day.

After I established a beach head with this one known bad_actor I gained the confidence a few days later to add another similar site.

It’s good to have an open mind. And make conversations where we compare and challenge our values and work towards a common good. But some things are just bullshit and can be blocked without any noticeable loss. If anything, you might notice you’ve gained something by taking back your concentration and attention on things that weren’t worth your time maybe ever, or, if nothing else, aren’t any more.

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