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Political Social Media Marketing Firms in Russia

Kommersant.ru, April 2015 (auto-translation):

“Political SMM (social media marketing) is a closed club, a significant part of the SMM market in the political sphere is in the shadow for the reason that both customers and operators do not want to advertise not only the amount of contracts, but also principle of their participation in this or that information campaign, “says Artem Klyushin, a very popular pro-state blogger and founder of his own Agency for the Development of Innovative Technologies. Anton Korobkov-Zemlyansky estimates the volume of the SMM-services market at $ 1-2 million per year: “In fact, these are five or seven major PR agencies offering their services, including promotion in social networks:” Apostol Media “and” Social Networks ” , specializing precisely on the Internet, and top PR agencies – “Mikhailov and Partners”, CROS, ” IMA-consulting “.” If it is a question of small campaigns, they, as a rule, give a contract to the small companies, in each of which works on five-seven persons. There are about 15-20 such small companies. ”


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