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Coursera needs quicker access to videos

Dear Coursera,

I’m enjoying the video lessons from Coursera’s “Internet Giants” course, but I find the videos are too hard to get to.

This is the public home page of the course, which is what I always end up accessing through via my web browser autocomplete in the address bar.


Which becomes when you click “Go to Course” (I’m not already at the course?):


And this confusing chart of weeks…

I appreciate that they want to replicate some sort of “classroom experience” which would take place across successive weeks in time, but that’s not how I consume the product. This is the internet after all. I watch two or three of the videos in a row, as time permits. And then I come back at staggered intervals. Every couple of days or so.

So the meta-conception of weeks becomes actually a hindrance for me to simply do the thing that is integral to my use of the product: just watch the next video.

  • I don’t care about the quizzes.
  • I’m not of the belief someone will care if I paid $66 in the future to officially “pass” this online course.
  • I don’t have time for the extra readings, though I’m sure they are fascinating.

I just want to see the next video, and to “ride the wave” of the subject matter as it unfolds through the narrative of a skilled instructor.

How about from the initial homepage, there’s just a button that says Continue?

Coursera doesn’t understand our relationship

Coursera, which has its positive points, appears to not understand the nature of our relationship:

I’m glad they’re looking for engagement, but like I have a real life and things to do.


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