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A Wandering Weather Worker

In every village and hamlet we passed through, we would stop briefly to gather news. In each place, I inquired after the local weather workers, and without fail, was told in return they had left for the sea — anywhere from a few days before our arrival to several weeks. Why had the message reached me so late? I wondered. What was wrong with me as a receiver? Had I not yet been ready to hear?

Source: The Founding of the Order – Quatrian Folkways – Medium

Shapist Alphabets

Quatrian myth had it that for Shapist societies, this alphabet was more than just a system of writing, it was a literal record of entities held in fixed form, and whose sequences therefore were seen as real events, rather than simply depictions or or references to real events.

Source: Before the Shape Wars – Quatria – Medium

Triangulons as Culture Heroes

Surviving records strongly indicate that Triangulons were seen in Quatrian society as beings of great spiritual potency and a type of culture hero, bearing for the early Quatrians who had emerged from the Hypogeum gifts of knowledge, poetry, agriculture, astronomy, hygiene, and most importantly, music.

Source: On the Nature and Significance of Triangulons in Classical Quatrian Culture

Gift of Wa’ata

Though he knew not the Quatrian tongue prior to his arrival, the minstrels who trained him to complete his role in the Dark Dance Cycle said he had a natural gift of wa’ata.

Source: Becoming Betrayer – Quatrian Folkways – Medium

Acho, The Older Brother

Elum explained, as they continued on, that the stone circle was built at the dawn of time, by a people before the Forest People, when the Great Forest was still young, before Abdazon, Ederron, or Old Qisuth. It was a great open air temple to Acho, the Older Brother, firstborn, whose enormous boulder stood at the center of the ring. When Anthuor first stepped out of the Hypogeum, his hoof struck the back of Acho, who supported him and who still bears the hoof marks high up at the place where Anthuor first came to Quatria, and nibbled the lichen growing there.

Source: The Stone Circle – Quatrian Folkways – Medium

Bell-Ringers for the Pillar of Song

However, in difference, at least one compared value is lacking. It was this detected difference which the Bell-ringers transmitted to the Pillar of Song, and which the High Augur heard, all the way from Raggath and Yagar. It is the sound which initiated the Dark Dance Cycle, a ritual rarely performed this time of year, but which the omen suggested, and with which the ancient tables corresponded favorably.

Source: The Trial of Benda – Quatrian Folkways – Medium

Song of the Betrayer

And from that haze, a dark clad figure strode forth with an eerie slowness. In tatters of dark cloth of indeterminate color, it seemed to walk with a limp. From the orchestra, the sound of rattles, and the clackrum player turned the wheel of the wooden clapper, watching the dark figure move across the stage, and syncing his turn to the thump thump rhythm of the performer’s limp. The sound of death approaching.

Source: The Song of the Betrayer – Quatrian Folkways – Medium

Betrayers & Deviants

Upon the first appearance on stage of the ghoulish Betrayer, too, the Pentarch sailors gasped in fear and awe. For they recognized in him dark and terrible beings from their own tribal histories, the wars against which originally drove the Five Tribes and their kings into mutual aid and later strong alliance. In the Pentarch common tongue, they were known as Deviants — a root in common with the deviations unleashed by Wormwood, and his supplicant servant Morbat, neither of whom Kremellian legends recollected.

Source: Pressed into Service – Quatrian Folkways – Medium

The Traitor’s Gate

Even in the Forest Villages, so apart from Abdazonian culture and history, the people still spoke of sad Ederron of ages past, an angel who fell from the Hypogeum when the earth and the sky were still one, and such things were still possible. At Traitor’s Gate, he was attacked by three masked men, who would have out of him the secret passwords to enter those Upper Realms.

Source: Opening of the Traitor’s Gate – Quatrian Folkways – Medium

Anthuor as Sustainer

It was the power of Anthuor, in his role as Sustainer, which Morbat drew from in procuring the child’s soul in the first place from the Cauldron within the Hypogeum. Delrin thus, was a child of Anthuor, in every way that mattered, and it was evident to all who spoke with her in her delight for the creatures of the wood, and on account of her gentle demeanor.

Source: At the Ruined Altar – Quatrian Folkways – Medium

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