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Javascript rapid word input tool

I went off on pretty much a tear earlier investigating the possibility of coming up with some kind of rapid communication board which would allow you to input words, not letters.

I went once or twice around the bend, and found the closest match in an app called DocsPlus which gives you the ability to create customizable word-bars. There’s a 28 day free trial. It’s interesting, but my use case is to be able to rapidly paste in the results of these sentence creation actions into Firefox in a spreadsheet. It was too combersome with switching back and forth between tabs to access other word bars.

So I cooked up some Javascript I’m still tinkering with which looks at the moment like this:

Feature tree builder

Create a simple list which outputs to a JSON file features of a web product, app or SaaS.

Queue: Incoming messages

From all sources.

From named sources.

Add new source.


Clear all.

Playback routines (start-up)

Invoke Princeps.


Review incoming messages.

Steps to Begin Workflow

  1. Visualize Princeps. 💎
  2. Pass throughtform through Princeps imaginal gateway. (Enable and test repeater mode for confirmation, if needed)
  3. Call within trigger cwxq
  4. Call without typed or physical trigger corresponding to same.
  5. Execute linked Calling White Queen 👑 macro. (Run video, if macro unavailable). Visualize picking up and carrying the standard, and traffic parting around you.

CWQ Call

So I set up this test macro running on Keyboard Maestro to run my CWQ program.

CWQ is a procedural word I’m linking to a figure I encountered in a dream recently, the White Queen. I created this blog post here, which acts as a URL reference point for this intent-block.

CWQ is short for Calling White Queen. Converting letters to numbers in alphabetic system is 3 23 17. Christo in that UFO movie on Netflix says you can signal UFO’s with prime numbers in groups of three.* Those numbers just so happen to be prime, so I decided to run with it.

*Also feel inclined to point out, when he says that and demonstrates in the documentary, he uses 9–which is obvs not prime, y’all.

Anyway, so I can trigger this macro now with a single button on my launchpad or by typing a string. I had to add an x char into it, because I don’t want to trigger it every time I type CWQ, which I do with a certain degree of frequency at the moment.

I’m also running KeyCastr, a little app that visualizes what’s being typed on screen. After the first cwq at top of video, the rest are inputs governed by the macro running in Keyboard Maestro, including key presses in Chrome with Vimium, programmed key combos, URLs and form field inputs. You also might notice an openQNL header thrown in for good measure.

The sequence commences with an audio tone burst which I guess used to be used in audio casettes. I heard about some repeaters in amateur radio requiring audio tone bursts for access, and figured this might work esoterically as a stand-in.

I hope they don’t mind, but I also needed a “valid” way to send a message into the divine realms, so I pinched for my automations a simple “Contact God” form that I found online. I pass my values through that form, and end on a success sound (courtesy of Youtube).

Here is the video. Feel free to run this program if you ever need to initiate contact with the White Queen. Please let me know your results.

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