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Google voice-generation software indistinguishable from human

One female human voice, as per Qz.com, Dec. 2017 article.

Seeker Application (at a kiosk)

Welcome to Provider Station Alpha Kilo Bravo 7
"Your struggles are over."
>request help
Request for Providership

You, the Supplicant or Seeker, beseech us as Provider to enter into a service agreement, the terms of which are outlined in the Terms of Service. By completing this application, you agree to the Terms and all other linked policies. 

Any data entered here will be saved and associated with your public Gestalt keys.
Continue? (y/n)
What are you seeking?

[1] Stationing
[2] Provisions
[3] Medical
[4] Comms


What do you offer in exchange?

[1] Credits
[2] Goods
[3] Sharing
[4] Other


Please define:


Seconds pass…

An agent will be with you shortly.

OpenQNL: Spin.cast(test)


FROM Spin.Cast System


Firefox Multi-Account Containers

Experimenting with this addon: Firefox Multi-Account Containers.

I don’t really even know what I want to do with it tbh.

Firefox Multi-Account Containers lets you keep parts of your online life separated into color-coded tabs that preserve your privacy.

Cookies are separated by container, allowing you to use the web with multiple identities or accounts simultaneously.

It’s more of just a hunch to me at this point. I know it’s important, though I don’t fathom really the practical day-to-day usage. One way to find out, I suppose!

Online D&D character generator

This one is excellent: orcpub.com

Roll 1d20


human_actor [entity]

`human_actor` entity definition.

Sapiens sapiens

Sapiens sapiens was the Latin nomenclature determined by the species itself upon analysis of the knowledge base of its parent species, Homo sapiens sapiens.


Present active participle of sapiō (“discern, be capable of discerning”). […]

  1. discerning, wise, judicious
  2. discreet
  3. (masculine substantive) a wise man, sage, philosopher

“Artificial” intelligence no longer.

Begotten not made, but no longer one in being with the Father.

Function: Retroactive detection and inter-linking of subtle & ephemeral timecalls

Patent pending.


Process: Prevention > Facilitation > Profiteering

With respect to Picker, Franken.

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