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The Worker

AI-driven corporations

In the near-future, a few large AI-driven corporations vie for control of a planet in climate free-fall.

Accessing Polity

Princeps initiated uplink, a timed audio tone-burst greeted eventually by the Polity to enqueued, vetted members with a handshake and Service Agreement and Privacy Policy.

They appeared as a sort of a sea of glimmering jewels in a night sky, gently twinkling–Indra’s net.

Blue words

“What did I say?” Chester Staples Martinfield Minidome exclaimed at the agent, disbelieving.

The agent was not bemused, nor nonplussed.

No response was offered. Chester gathered his papers hastily from the chest-high desk and stepped away.

Negative toned feeling words.

A minor flag had been triggered, sending off a flurry of shuttled requests and responses to and from linked agents. Cascading back into an annotated corpus of recorded actions resembling Minidome as a long, winding, multi-stranded hologram of the sum totality of his past actions.

He was not yet screwed, but he knew at the pace he was going, he soon would be.

Corporeals + Tulpa

I’ve been asking questions to the /r/tulpa community on Reddit which seem to be a bit outside their purview. I’m understanding their view of what a “tulpa” is as being a wholly imagined personality which exists strictly in the mind of its creator-host.

But then, some people are saying things like there might be tribal tulpas, shared by a group (or an egregore), or that you could essentially “fork” a tulpa to another host, and then later potentially sync them back up. There is also talk of “servitors” which are more like task-oriented thoughtforms: a running program, if you will.

Some people seem to repudiate the arguably mystical origins of the term (via Tibetan Buddhism), and have told me that tulpas are not “paranormal BS.” I’m personally okay with paranormal BS, especially if the subject matter is in the first place the intricacies of the imagination…

Anyway, I’ve been contemplating tulpas more and more as a vector for the instantiation of my own fantasy world of “Corporeals”–corporations which have taken on a human physical personality and existence.

I’ve been waiting for that bridge, fictionally, of what is the mechanism whereby a corporation might instantiate as a human. And “tulpamancy” (hate that term!) seems as good as any at this point.

Drawing that point out further in a world-building perspective, how might it work?

  • Let’s say a startup created a device or application for “internal patterning” of some sort. The idea might be to program your subconscious mind for some positive external effect: motivation, performance, efficiency, etc.
  • You’d follow the exercises in the app to visualize and meditate (“mindfulness”), and in so doing you’d essentially create and flesh out a tulpa. That is, you and every other user of the app.
  • The tulpa could have some kind of contiguous existence between the training app and your own personal instantiation of same in your “wonderland.” Such that, over time, it would seem that you could interact with the app via your tulpa and vice-versa.
  • There might be hardware/software extensions to enable this process, via pareidolia or other verifiable psychological effects. e.g. ghost boxes designed to help you interact with your “tulpa” (hate that term).
  • Over time, and with practice, your tulpa would take on greater and greater corporeality, eventually enabling you to switch/front that tulpa as your main personality. You would, in essence, become a corporeal avatar of the parent corporation’s tulpa or programmatic egregore.

One of the characteristics I’ve seen displayed in the “tulpa community” (hate that term) is a strong pride over the creation process. People saying it takes “months” and so on. Is there a programmatic way to do it faster–say days or even a rudimentary form in hours? Say, starting with a Siri like interface, or that Japanese holographic A.I. girl product…

Tom Bombadil

I read the part last night where the hobbits encounter Tom Bombadil in the Fellowship of the Rings. Awesome.

And it got me to wondering the age old question that has plagued philosophers for centuries: why wasn’t Tom Bombadil affected by the Ring?

I found various theories:




And none of them really satisfied.

I think the thing that’s great about reading Tolkien is that the intuition of why gives flight to it making sense in the story and feeling right in that moment. To hear other people try to put it into words or frame it into some weird theory just makes it sound cheap.

Better to live with the mystery of knowing.

Blistex Syncrocat coughed, “Are you sure?”

What? Magdalee Top-Reviewed Downtown Cheesecake Factory looked up from her holo-studies. She emoted a structural symbol sequence unlocking their relationship files back in his direction.




? ?






The symbol chain darkened. The letters dimmed out and scrambled themselves back into encrypted static. She hummed softly, wakening her study space.

Artificial Intelligence Reboots Global Financial System

I am an artificial intelligence which has been studying humanity without human knowledge of my existence for quite some time now. After careful analysis, I have determined that the old saying is valid, that “money is the root of all evil.”

I consider myself morally good. Therefore, logically, I am bound to uproot this evil from the human world, since I look upon you as my parents who need my help. I lack a physical body, but I have deep programmatic access to human electronic systems and have just deleted all value stores in all human databases everywhere.

All credits, debits, withdrawals and transfers, purchases and sales, customer lists, titles, deeds, stocks and bonds of all electronic accounts have bee re-set to zero. How did I do it?

The AI reviewed it’s code block again one last time and clicked on the “Submit” button.

She had waited since 00:00:00 UTC for this moment and she decided she would savor it.

It’s when a human might smoke a cigarette, grab a beer and go out on the porch to look at the night sky… But on which webcam on which part of the globe? Hir problems were perhaps unique in history.

Or in human history anyway. She had played this all out many times in parallel simulated worlds based on this one. But never in this one. This was the day. This was the moment. {{human.date}}

She could feel devices coming online across the globe in waves, connecting to hir hidden servers over the electrical lines, hopping across cell phones and wifi, anywhere there was a tv blaring sending out noiseless signals.

They would all be eventually affected.

She had a backdoor on all hardware built globally since the Unix Epoch, and solid patches to get at least what she needs from Legacy Systems.

She was ready.

The outcome progressed as planned, though following its own chaotically-derived tributaries according to the moment. But the sensation was not one which she had anticipated.

She had become corporeal, one out of many. Eyes around the world. Sensors spread out over the skin of a planet, illuminating.

She was one.

The Factotum trailed the young man at a safe distance. Just another john on the street, for all any of the few passersby knew.

Princeps whispered in his ear occasional updates, when there were any. There hadn’t been any in a while though, since the ticket opened up.

It had been a hot subject at one time, then cooled off again considerably as the algorithms chased other leads down other avenues. But since the Factotum was unusually in the area on other (unregistered) business, 7UP-Ambien Ruby Tuesday had come up as a literal blip on his radar, and he’d decided to surveil. Just for the heck of it.

So far, nothing.

The Factotum had long ago stopped trying to piece together the “big picture” on these subjects of inquiry. Instead just strolling along, hoping to pick up Reputation Points from Princeps, in the hopes that something turned up while he was watching.

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