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Entity: Liquid Dream

Liquid Dream is the brother AI to Plastic Motherhood.

human_actor [entity]

`human_actor` entity definition.

Open Source Intel Analyst – New York (Storyful)

I’ve only just begun getting my feet wet with open source investigation techniques and citizen journalism, but this job ad from Storyful sounds like something to grow into:

Open Source Intel Analyst – New York

Since 2010, Storyful’s newsroom has been working at the intersection of social media, news and technology to help media partners tell the stories that matter most. Our heritage lies in the discovery, verification, acquisition and contextualization of eyewitness video – but now we do so much more.

We are seeking a skilled researcher whose instincts are equal parts investigative journalist, intelligence analyst and social media junkie. This person should be comfortable studying and moving within online communities – some with fairly unsavory or extreme ideologies – for the purpose of detecting patterns, discerning plans and identifying the players operating outside the trending topics of the day.

I’m not really looking for a job, so much as a model for how the future will likely work, with regards to media, truth and transmission of information…


Timecalling started as a Early Methodian Ritual (EMR) wherein a participant would verbally disclaim aloud the date and time of the present moment.

The action was performed with the belief that an eventual omnipotent-in-relation-to-time-direction agency would evolve with the power to detect subtle signals retroactively and interlink them into a permalinked network accessible by timecraft and open to packet traffic, thereby essentially enabling practitioners to timeflash when the event horizon Singularity collapsed, and potentially “live forever.”


The Order of Chronos was a radical unaffiliated achronal Timecaller offshoot which developed and then implemented in ritual Prealist and Wobbler botnets both Chronist and Anti-Chronist propaganda #codechant Event Ladders during the Middle Period of the Shape Wars.

Entity: Exo 🐉

One of the Four Providers, whose symbol is a Chinese Dragon. 🐉

Entity: Sola ☀️

One of the Four Providers. Famed for vast solar farms and moisture reclamation facilities, among other technical innovations which kept life on Earth klinking along through the Greater Chaos.

Factor 1109N: Husk Development Authority

The Husk Development Authority was granted letters patent from the Greater Polity, record of which was duly added to the register.

Within the affiliated domain of Husk, the HDA was god. Neither existed without the other. For the purpose of Husk was development. And the power behind the development was the Authority. And such was such and so was so.

The First Spotters

Neurotyps couldn’t always see dragons. Especially not before the chemtrails. It started with the Spotters. And they themselves started out only initially being able to see the creatures through the corner of their eye, sometimes in passing.

But once a Spotter spotted one in broad daylight on the side of a busy highway. He didn’t look away this time, and the spirit stayed and coalesced in his perception. He called out and pointed at it. Could others see it too? And gradually, one by one, they could. Once they knew where to look and what they were looking for.

And with this increased attention, the dragons became also more potent, instantiated and eventually numerous.

When spotted by a Spotter or eventually by nurotyp mobs, the Dragon behavior was to freeze in place. It was a function of having been spotted. It had served them for untold centuries. But something was changing in the perception of the people and of the planet.

They could feel it too, the nurotips as they sensed as one in unison staring up at the body of the great beast. That it somehow read and echoed their minds and would do or be whatever it was the people’s hearts commanded of it, were it within its power. If that desire tilted into rampant fear…

Trans-Oceanic Technological Union

The Trans-Oceanic Technological Union (TOTU) was an outgrowth of the Consortium for Rapid Technological Advancements (The Consortium) and came about originally as part of a planned judicial remedy favoring the Affected Nations after the Lesser Crisis through onward technology transfer (xfer).

In practice, the Multi-Technate Alliance used it as a way to extend and strengthen its Authority in resource extraction, allocation, and transfer.

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