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Category: Assignment

Factor 1109N: Husk Development Authority

The Husk Development Authority was granted letters patent from the Greater Polity, record of which was duly added to the register.

Within the affiliated domain of Husk, the HDA was god. Neither existed without the other. For the purpose of Husk was development. And the power behind the development was the Authority. And such was such and so was so.


White Queen 👑

//Emoji assignment;

Encode whiteQueen.WQ == 👑; //(crown emoji).

Call on White Queen

Supplication at the Court of the White Queen,


Run Ereshkigal (invocation)


[Instantiate locally as Hekate-Triformis]


Add to Princeps.


ID + entity

IDENTITY = ID assigned to ENTITY


Structured Messaging and Response Tracking System.


Thing: Event Maps

See also: event ladder.

Encode as Princeps

Where Princeps == Princeps

Encode as multiplication of Gandalf.Ritual

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