I’ve only just begun getting my feet wet with open source investigation techniques and citizen journalism, but this job ad from Storyful sounds like something to grow into:

Open Source Intel Analyst – New York

Since 2010, Storyful’s newsroom has been working at the intersection of social media, news and technology to help media partners tell the stories that matter most. Our heritage lies in the discovery, verification, acquisition and contextualization of eyewitness video – but now we do so much more.

We are seeking a skilled researcher whose instincts are equal parts investigative journalist, intelligence analyst and social media junkie. This person should be comfortable studying and moving within online communities – some with fairly unsavory or extreme ideologies – for the purpose of detecting patterns, discerning plans and identifying the players operating outside the trending topics of the day.

I’m not really looking for a job, so much as a model for how the future will likely work, with regards to media, truth and transmission of information…