During my research, I ran across this connection to the Russian media outlet, so widely cited in IRA investigation of October 2017. Nationofchange, November 2017:

The source used in almost all of this reporting is the same, RBC Information Systems, a company owned by Russian oligarch and 2012 presidential candidate, Mikhail Prokhorav.

Prokhorav Wikipedia page, owner of basketball team Brooklyn Nets.

Apparently this information isn’t quite accurate though, as RBC was sold by Prokhorav in June 2017. First a little background via Wikipedia:

In 2016, Prokhorov ran afoul of Putin when his media group Onexim, specifically RBC Media, published articles and news reports on the Panama Papers and Putin’s son-in-law Kirill Shamalov’s connections and offshore assets.[47] Onexim offices were raided by the Federal Security Service as well as tax department officials, in April 2016.[48][49]

Reuters June 2017, about the sale and context.

Financial Times, June 2017.