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Entity: Other firms. Addresses. Co-located groups.



Dead souls


Entity: Crazy Wall Consulting Co.


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    “It is unclear whether the St Petersburg troll hub is the only one or whether there are many others, but what does seem clear is that the enterprise has grown enormously since it was discovered two years ago.

    “When I got the job there in 2013 it was a small building, I was working in the basement, and it was clear they didn’t have enough space,” said Andrei Soshnikov, a St Petersburg journalist who infiltrated the company two years ago and has continued to cover it. He linked the move to a much bigger office with increased online activity around the Ukraine crisis, and said that while the trolling can seem farcical, it would be naive to write it off as ineffectual, especially in the domestic arena.”


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    “Novaya Gazeta newspaper reported that, according to Alexey Soskovets, head of the office in Olgino, North-Western Service Agency was hiring employees for similar projects in Moscow and other cities in 2013.[3]”


    Links to https://www.novayagazeta.ru/articles/2013/09/09/56265-gde-zhivut-trolli-kak-rabotayut-internet-provokatory-v-sankt-peterburge-i-kto-imi-zapravlyaet

    Run a translation and extract city and any entity names.

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    “Some internet experts think there are thousands of people working in such troll factories across the country, but hard evidence is scarce. ”


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    “In Serbia, trolls are recruited through several small right-wing parties that are both financially and politically supported by Russia, media analysts say.”


    Could easily be run outside of that country, of course.

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    “Below the surface, however, the “Youth Chamber” seems to be little more than a state-sponsored troll farm. Last year, Leonid Volkov, an Internet freedom activist who now manages Alexei Navalny’s presidential campaign, revealed in a series of blog posts how the “Youth Chamber” really operates. ”

    … “Members of the chamber, Volkov wrote, are employed by the mayor’s office wishing to sway the public opinion on important city matters as real-life bots — not automated software but actual persons, acting as a coordinated network. Members are given bullet-pointed instructions on how to write about far-reaching measures the city government wants to implement, such as large-scale infrastructure projects and demolitions.

    Armies of online activists then flood Russian social media with posts extolling Sobyanin’s wisdom, promoting his latest cause.”

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