Guardian, November 2017.

“According to Motherboard, which first reported Schmidt’s comments, he claimed the Russian disinformation strategy was easy to combat, since it is based on “amplification around a message” of information that is “repetitive, exploitative, false, [or] likely to have been weaponised”.

“My own view is that these patterns can be detected, and that they can be taken down or deprioritised.””

Like to see how they do that. I was a little annoyed with the Senate/House hearings which seemed to sort of gloss over Google’s massive role of collating and enabling access to information…

Motherboard, November 2017 coverage:

“Both outlets are wholly owned by the Russian government. RT is the overseas television station and online outlet, while Sputnik, the online-only media network, is available in over 30 languages.”

I guess in October of this year, Google pulled RT from it’s Youtube premium option, and around the same time Twitter offboarded both as advertisers.