, November 2017:

RBC sources insist that the “American department” is headed by a 27-year-old native of Azerbaijan, Dzheykhun Aslanov. He denies this. RBS has in its disposal a message from a Telegram chat on behalf of Aslanov, which refers to the intermediate results of the “troll factory” in the United States. Aslanov came to Petersburg in the late 2000s from Irkutsk Region to study at the Economics Faculty of Hydrometeorological University. He visited the United States in 2009 and London in 2011. According to RBC, he currently owns two firms specializing in online advertising and operations. One of them, Azimut, offers account promotion services on social networks, Aslanov specified.

Moscow Times, October 2017:

He also described an Azerbaijani-born 27-year-old who RBC named as the head of the factory’s American department as a “great guy” who was lenient toward him for minor workplace misconduct.

Dozhd TV cites three former troll farm staffers corroborating RBC’s investigation that named the manager as Dzheykhun Aslanov, nicknamed “Jay Z.”

“Jay was a really not bad manager: not the most competent in this field, well, frankly speaking, generally incompetent, but he had assistants,” Baskayev told Dozhd TV.

Daily Beast, October 2017: no substantially new or different info than sources above.

RBC October 2017 article auto-translation gives a different spelling for first name:

The head of the “American department” interlocutors of RBC magazine unanimously called the 27-year-old native of Azerbaijan Jeyhun Aslanova. He himself denied this information in a conversation with a correspondent of RBC. But apart from the words of the three sources of the magazine – the current employee of the “factory”, the former employee of the “American Department” and the source familiar with the organization’s activities – RBC magazine has a message from the Telegram chat created by Aslanov and dedicated to the intermediate results of the “factory” in USA.

In St. Petersburg Aslanov arrived in the late 2000s from the city of Ust-Kut, Irkutsk region – to study economist at the Hydrometeorological University. In 2009, he spent several months in the US, visiting New York and Boston, in 2011 he traveled to London, it follows from the open information on Aslanova’s page on VKontakte. Now the probable head of the foreign department of the “factory” is owned by two firms, specialization – advertising activities and work on the Internet. One of them, Azimut, was established in June 2016, that is, three months before the elections in the US, and for half a year showed revenue of 29 million rubles. (the data of SPARK-Interfax).