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Camp Seliger / Seliger Forum

Wth is Camp Seliger, and how does it fit into this Internet Research Agency mess?

Novaya Gazeta, September 2013 (auto-translated):

“In 2013, Soskovets’s “North-West Service Agency” won 18 contests for the organization of holidays, forums and sports events for St. Petersburg authorities. In half of the competitions the agency participated alone. In the summer of 2013, the contest for transport services for participants of the camp “Seliger” won.”

Very unsure about reliability of masterandmargarita.eu as a source of information, but they too talk about Camp Seliger:

“Companies like Internet Research Agency often recruit their – mostly young – employees at the so-called Seliger Camp. That’s an annual gathering of young people at Lake Seliger, about 350 km from Moscow, with a strong brainwashing character.”

LA Times, August 2011:

“In this sprawling Kremlin-sponsored youth camp 220 miles northwest of Moscow — 99 acres of white sand, tall pines and Lake Seliger, a jewel of Russian nature — thousands of young men and women are learning how to be supporters of the ruling United Russia party, future politicians and senior government officials.

The state spends more than $7 million to accommodate about 20,000 18- to 25-year-olds at the camp, known as Seliger Forum-2011. They come in groups of 7,000 for nine days in July, most of them from Kremlin-nurtured youth organizations such as Nashi (Ours), Mestnyie (Locals) and Stal (Steel).

… “”These young people are taught to open up accounts in all social networks, make as many friends as possible and thus spread information with maximum efficiency,” explained Vasily Yakemenko, founder of the Nashi youth group and head of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs that runs the camp.”

Also unsure about reliability of opendemocracy.net domain as information source, but they talk about Seliger here (May 2014). Interesting as a first-hand account anyway.

Another opendemocracy.net article from May 2014 says similar things to what we’ve heard already (may be re-print?):

“But the Internet Research Agency has other links as well as Concord Catering. Kirill Skladovich, financial director of the Agency, is a former leader of the youth parliament of St Petersburg; one of the Agency directors, Aleksei Soskovets, keeps in close touch with Vladimir Putin, the St Petersburg City Administration and the Committee for Youth Policy. His company North-Western Services Agency won 17 tenders for providing services for the St Petersburg authorities. One of these was for the transportation of participants to the youth camp Seliger, which has always been considered a platform for the pro-Kremlin movement Nashi.

In discussion with a correspondent, Soskovets confirmed that employees working on the internet use the methods of Nashi.”

More on Soskovets’ North-West Service Agency.



The Moscow Times



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