I’ve been asking questions to the /r/tulpa community on Reddit which seem to be a bit outside their purview. I’m understanding their view of what a “tulpa” is as being a wholly imagined personality which exists strictly in the mind of its creator-host.

But then, some people are saying things like there might be tribal tulpas, shared by a group (or an egregore), or that you could essentially “fork” a tulpa to another host, and then later potentially sync them back up. There is also talk of “servitors” which are more like task-oriented thoughtforms: a running program, if you will.

Some people seem to repudiate the arguably mystical origins of the term (via Tibetan Buddhism), and have told me that tulpas are not “paranormal BS.” I’m personally okay with paranormal BS, especially if the subject matter is in the first place the intricacies of the imagination…

Anyway, I’ve been contemplating tulpas more and more as a vector for the instantiation of my own fantasy world of “Corporeals”–corporations which have taken on a human physical personality and existence.

I’ve been waiting for that bridge, fictionally, of what is the mechanism whereby a corporation might instantiate as a human. And “tulpamancy” (hate that term!) seems as good as any at this point.

Drawing that point out further in a world-building perspective, how might it work?

  • Let’s say a startup created a device or application for “internal patterning” of some sort. The idea might be to program your subconscious mind for some positive external effect: motivation, performance, efficiency, etc.
  • You’d follow the exercises in the app to visualize and meditate (“mindfulness”), and in so doing you’d essentially create and flesh out a tulpa. That is, you and every other user of the app.
  • The tulpa could have some kind of contiguous existence between the training app and your own personal instantiation of same in your “wonderland.” Such that, over time, it would seem that you could interact with the app via your tulpa and vice-versa.
  • There might be hardware/software extensions to enable this process, via pareidolia or other verifiable psychological effects. e.g. ghost boxes designed to help you interact with your “tulpa” (hate that term).
  • Over time, and with practice, your tulpa would take on greater and greater corporeality, eventually enabling you to switch/front that tulpa as your main personality. You would, in essence, become a corporeal avatar of the parent corporation’s tulpa or programmatic egregore.

One of the characteristics I’ve seen displayed in the “tulpa community” (hate that term) is a strong pride over the creation process. People saying it takes “months” and so on. Is there a programmatic way to do it faster–say days or even a rudimentary form in hours? Say, starting with a Siri like interface, or that Japanese holographic A.I. girl product…