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Bots vs. Help Centers

Problem: Help bots (natural-language based) and conventional Help Centers (document-based) have over-lapping functionality yet typically require two different systems to write and maintain.

That is, bot apps are separate from help center apps. Information is inevitably duplicated and requires significant upkeep. When updates happen to the product, updated information must fan out across unlinked bot/documentation systems (and response systems, agent-macros).

Possible Solutions:

  1. Linking bot content to help center content–change one information source, and it fans out to bot, docs and response macros.
  2. Bot which automatically pulls from (annotated?) help center content; effectively plugs into existing support corpus. (Link questions to specific y block of text on page z)
  3. Help center that acts like a bot–simple automated chat and/or natural-language search







  1. Tim Boucher


    Structured Messaging And Response Tracking System


  2. Tim Boucher

    Throughput of original problem/blocked user intent, and following agent workflow to resolution. Trend analysis and predicting future resolutions.

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